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Benefits of Reiki Healing

The benefits of Reiki healing are many.  According to practitioners, Reiki healing works by repairing and strengthening the flow of vital energy within the individual, so that natural healing forces may act. Thus, it is an form of therapy that works well in conjunction with other healing modalities, even traditional Western medicine.

The benefits of a Reiki energy healing session are easy to see. Often a Reiki session  induces a deep feeling of relaxation in the person. Relaxation in and of itself may have multiple beneficial health-related effects. Certainly relaxation would reduce the negative effects that day-to-day stress has on a person's health.

According to Reiki practitioners, the benefits of a Reiki energy healing session go well beyond the reduction of stress. Reiki can be used to help heal or alleviate a variety of discomforts and conditions.  Headaches, tension, fatigue, cuts and abrasions are all said to benefit from Reiki energy healing. More serious conditions also benefit greatly from Reiki therapy.

According to Reiki practitioners, Reiki therapy can alleviate chronic pain, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, speed the healing of broken bones, and shorten recovery time following surgery. Many practitioners believe that Reiki therapy changes the recipients' perspective on life; their spirituality is increased. It can be particularly calming to terminally ill individuals.

Experienced Masters believe that Reiki energy healing can be applied usefully to almost any disease or disorder -- no matter how serious -- because it opens the person to an unfolding of natural healing processes. 


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